Growing up in Colorado, I was constantly surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty. I had a strong desire from a young age to capture the world around me with old still cameras. Then one day I convinced my parents to let me borrow their Hi8 camcorder so I could make a movie. I immediately fell in love with filmmaking as a way to tell stories. Things weren’t the same after that.

I went on to study at Chapman University where I received BFAs in both Film Production and Digital Arts. That became my platform for developing as a filmmaker. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some immensely talented artists and storytellers on projects for Disney, Marvel, DreamWorks Animation, Universal, Fox, Sony, and others. I began to really appreciate the incredibly collaborative nature of filmmaking, working side-by-side with people who have different skill sets and expertise in pursuit of a common goal. It is just way more fun growing, challenging, and accomplishing something with a team.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the chance to work on animation, narrative, documentary, commercial, and music video projects, exposing myself to a variety of creative techniques, technologies, and workflows. I look forward to new projects with new people, developing my skills, and creating work that connects and resonates with audiences.

I currently live in Los Angeles and am always looking for the next great story to tell.